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Why buying a copier doesn’t make sense?

Renting helps manage the costs, hassles, and rapid obsolescence of technology. This is particularly beneficial for both short-term equipment needs and long term leasing. Enjoy all the convenience of having your own equipment without the headache of asset depreciation Easily Manage your budget​, avoid large lump-sum purchases. Access to the Latest Product & Technology

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Renting a reliable copier can help your company by freeing you of any long-term commitments and giving your company the flexibility it needs to grow. See why more companies are switching to Copier Rental services now.

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Keep your business moving forward by Leasing the copier that fits your company's needs. QA Copier Leasing Plans helps your business run smoother every day. Learn why QA Copier is the preferred Copier Leasing Provider in Singapore by SMEs.

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Copier For Sale

We carry a large variety of Brand-new and Refurbished Canon copiers for Sale. QA Copier provides excellent service to our customers for over 28 years. Check the available Copier Models that will fit your needs and enjoy end to end worry-free service.

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